Homeward Bound!

Sitting together on our lovely king bed we have come to realize that the La Quinta in LA is looking better and better. 

Tonight our bed is a little firm…but the worst part is that it is on the move!  Apparently the maid nor the current residents can figure out how to properly lock the wheels so while reading in bed we roll off the headboard. 

The last two nights the mosquito net was a bit faulty.  Unfortunately Marqee was tortured by rude Thai bugs.  Her legs are red and swollen (to say the least).  However, it was quite fun sleeping in a ‘jungalow’.  (A bungalow that was in the jungle–just in case anyone didn’t figure that one out.)

Additionally, we are looking forward to real showers instead of wet bathrooms from the lack of distinction between shower and the rest of the bathroom.  As I type this, Marqee says she is looking forward to a bubble bath…

We are also excited to stop seeing bidets.  Although they have been useful for flushing ants out of our bathroom in the jungalow (oops..granola bars!), they just are not a fixture we need in our personal bathrooms…but they will always hold a dear place in our hearts!  (Just to elaborate, these bidets are not separate bathroom pieces…they consist of a spray nozzle attached to the wall near the toilet.)

TV channels that we recognize will be fun too.  We plan on “watching” the Packer game on the computer in the morning.  Gooooo PACK!!!

We are definitely looking forward to some comforts that we take for granted while at home, but we have truly enjoyed all of our time (and hotel rooms!) in Thailand. 

It is so hard to believe that this is our last night in Thailand…the next will be in a plane…and then in LA…and then in our own comfy beds with bathrooms we know how to use!  😀

Eileen and Marqee


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like you girls had a good time! Marqee–you may need
    an oatmeal bath or something to soak your legs in…I’m glad you
    were not attacked by mosquitoes! Those effers are nasty…. Can’t
    wait to see your face! II


  2. Posted by Vthomzik on January 17, 2011 at 12:30 am

    Miss you miss you eileen! cant wait to see pictures and stories!


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